Advertising Submission Requirements

Download Alaska Beyond Magazine ad materials submission guidelines PDF



 Full Page
      Live Area 7.75″ 10.25″
      Trim Size 8.375″ 10.875″
      Bleed Size 8.875″ 11.375″
2/3 vertical 4.8125″ 9.875″
1/2 horizontal 7.3125″ 4.8125″
1/3 vertical 2.3125″ 9.875″
1/3 square 4.8125″ 4.8125″
1/6 vertical 2.3125″ 4.8125″
     Live Area  16.125″  10.25″
     Trim Size  16.75″  10.875″
     Bleed Size  17.25″  11.375″
1/2-Page Spread
     Live Area  16.125″  5.125″
     Trim Size  16.75″  5.4375″
     Bleed Size  17.25″  5.6875″
  • 1/6 page ads only available in vertical shape.
  • 1/2 page ads only available in horizontal shape.
  • Fractional ads are grouped together on a page.

PRINTING: Heat-set web o’set TRIM: 8.375” x 10.875
BINDING: Perfect
COLOR: 4-color process (AAAA/MPA/SWOP)
LINE SCREEN: 133-line screen. Dot size 5% to 95%.
DENSITY: Overall printing density of all colors cannot exceed 300%.
COLOR PROOFS: Provide a SWOP-standards contract proof pro-
duced from the supplied advertising file. If not supplied, one can be
provided at a charge of $85. If no proof is provided and you choose
not to purchase a proof, the publisher is not responsible for any
color issues with the printed advertisement.
PMS/SPOT COLORS: PMS or spot colors must be converted to
4-color process equivalents in file.
PRODUCTION CHARGES: Changes requested to new or existing ad
files are subject to a production charge, which is in addition to the
advertising space charge. In order to minimize production charges,
ad files should be supplied in the sizes and formats specified.

PDF FILES: PDF FILES: Ad should be submitted as press-ready
PDF file (PDF/X-1a preferred). Please embed all fonts, and convert all photos
and spot colors to CMYK. Digital photos and graphics files should be at a resolution of 300 dpi or
higher at the size which they are used in the PDF. On full page, spread and ½-page spread
bleed ads, offset crop marks .25 inch from trim so they do not appear within the bleed area.

FTP TRANSFERS:Connect to the following Web-based site using a
current Chrome browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.
SITE: USER NAME: upload PASSWORD: inflight
PLEASE NOTE: “Alaska” it relates to the airline may
not be used in any advertising without permission and cannot be
used as part of a URL. All advertising content is subject to approval
by the publisher and Alaska Airlines. We recommend all artwork,
images and text be airline- and flying-friendly.

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